A Current Past is the idea that nothing is lost, nothing is created and everything is moving. Through times layers, and in the Balkans society nowadays, music reflects artists or societies’ needs with different practices and genres which endures times hardship.

Time, this disembodied dimension, impalpable, unchangeable and completely out of our control.


A Current Past is a movie about Balkans, its music, differently.

And rather than betting on its sensational festive music, brass bands and Balkan beat, here is an interrogation on acceptance of anyone’s sensitivity and emotional drunkenness that comes with those. Starting again from tradition and improving from lost or forever changing practices, we will have to understand and feel their benefits.

Therefore, on the way through theses different musical encounters, men and women confront us with conveyances which can be orally, visually or auditory. Facing those, we question the preservation and the rehabilitation of traditions today.


A Current Past is a glance which brings a slow reflexion and extracts from theses traditional practices, old values suggesting new perceptions of our present time.